Substation platform

The substation platform is the centrepiece of an offshore wind farm. It stands in the rough sea, serves as the logistics & service hub, and houses the electro-technical switchgear & transformers. The electricity generated by turbines is combined at the substation, transformed from 33 to 155 kilovolts and transported to the mainland via an export cable or to an HVDC converter station.

In the planning phase we offer you consultancy & engineering services concerning the steel construction of the substation platform and its electro-technical equipment. We assist you in the selection of suitable suppliers and in particular take care of the coordination of switchgear & aggregators, cable routes & cables. During the implementation phase we monitor & control the manufacturing & construction operations. We attend acceptance procedures at suppliers, coordinate the contractors and accompany the project through to completed installation. From the earliest stages of planning, we consider the partner companies involved and setup an interface management for the construction phase.

For building an electro-technical organisation we offer the following additional services:

  • Compose, introduce & implement uniform procedures to establish and assure electrical safety
  • Scrutinise the hazard assessments & risk analyses
  • Check & monitor the defined testing methods, testing cycles & testing documentation of electrical equipment
  • Supervise the commissioning of electrically operated units: supporting the checking & acceptance of the systems
  • Qualifying fault analyses and guidance for troubleshooting

Our team includes qualified electricians and those allowed to operate switchgears (authorisation for medium voltage 33kV switching). They are able to define the switching & approval procedures necessary.