Transport & Installation

Environmental factors influence the planning & construction of offshore projects to a great extent. Ground conditions, wind speeds & wave heights are only some of the parameters requiring attention in the engineering, transportation & installation of foundations, wind turbines & cable systems. The selection of suitable vessels & methods of installation are equally as important for successful realisation.

We offer comprehensive consultancy & engineering services concerning lifting & transportation concepts. In addition to classic heavy lifting arrangements we also concern ourselves with the necessary infrastructure, jacking areas and appropriate lifting tools. We develop & optimise transport concepts, advise you on the selection of suitable installation vessels, design the optimum deck layout & sea fastening of the cargo.

During installation we support you with sound installation concepts, in which the individual work steps are defined to the smallest of details (method statements). This stage also calls for consultancy services, for example the correct technique for pile driving tripod foundations. We can guarantee the installation of foundations, wind turbines & cable systems are professionally carried out, because we either supervise construction on site or appoint a project manager who carries out surveillance of the installation on our behalf. Of course, you receive documentary evidence to enable certification & official consent for the completed installation.

Completing offshore projects within schedule requires that in the background the logistics (near-shore and transportation logistics) and base-port operations are carried out hand-in-hand with a high level of flexibility. To achieve this, our logistics experts & maritime professionals ensure everything proceeds flawlessly.