Marine Coordination

Many different types of vessel are involved during the construction of an offshore project, such as maritime traffic control vessels, installation vessels, crew accommodation & transfer vessels. In addition, there are helicopter flights to installation vessels & substation platforms. To ensure these movements all proceed without incident and offshore operations run smoothly, marine coordination is there to coordinate, monitor & document all traffic in and around the construction area.

The maritime control centre is affiliated with the construction works office and provides a 24/7 service. The experts responsible for the AIS-based maritime surveillance of the construction area are in continuous contact with the vessels, especially the traffic control vessel. They document the positions of jack-ups and anchors deployed, inspect the certificates of the vessels and register them with the relevant authorities. They are also responsible for the evaluation and dissemination of weather data & operational support in emergency situations.

WindManShip offers the setup, organisation and 24/7 operation of marine coordination for your project in German & English languages. Our coordinators are all nautical specialists with practical experience of vessel coordination and the necessary professional qualifications to provide maritime surveillance. They are just as knowledgeable of German and international rules of the sea (IMO Colregs) as they are astute in handling radio & radar systems.

Moreover, through a partner company we offer the cloud-based software solution OffshoreWindManager (OWM) for the“Permit-to-work” system of your offshore project. From request for a work permit, its issue and coordination through to the final documentation, the web-based technology enables the seamless overview & processing of offshore working procedures. OffshoreWindManager was developed for the practice by the practice and has proven itself exceedingly well in use. It helps make sure that work carried out during the construction & operation of an offshore project is performed smoothly, with maximum efficiency and above all safely. If required, the software-based Permit-to-Work system can be managed by our marine coordination personnel, who are already thoroughly trained for the software.